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  • Get inspired!

    A picture says a thousand words and each Lookbook illustrates our journey to bring you the unique, artistic, and high quality designs of 16sixteen.

    2018 Lookbook - Create Timeless Pieces

    In 2018, we will combine hip hop, sports and vintage designs to bring a unique touch to streetwear. Be on the lookout for new fabrics, skins and textiles. In addition to streetwear, we are bringing you towels, pillows, lighters and grinders because who said a clothing company is restricted to just selling clothes?

    2016 Lookbook - Expanding Brand Awareness

    We've made major changes to our website, showcased in pop-up shops and expanded our brand by partnering with quality boutiques in Baltimore, MD and Jacksonville, FL. We now have additional venues to purchase our unique styles and designs.

    2014 Lookbook - Realizing Our Dream

    Sixteen years after we had the idea to create a clothing line, we took action and aiming to bring high quality, artistic individuality, and a tailored athletic look to streetwear. This was when 16sixteen was born. We Started with only two t-shirt designs, New Vintage and our flagship signature Box logo.