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  • About Us

    Our Mission

    16sixteen aims to change the fashion world, one design at a time, with a high-quality clothing brand born from our love of athletic, leisure styles married with classic, tailored designs to give that raw streetwear and artistic individuality.

    Why the name 16Sixteen?

    When we were 16, we were into sneakers, and we wanted something to go with our shoes, but something that wouldn’t make us look like everyone else. We tried to launch our brand then, but we didn’t have capital. That was 1998. 16 years later, we tried again with more capital, and it worked. - Kawise

    Tell us more about the logo.

    Well, we’re from Baltimore, and where we’re from, you have to have a hard shell. That’s where the crab comes in. - Kelvin

    What makes 16Sixteen different?

    We bring a high-quality feel to raw streetwear. - Kelvin

    We like to think of it as being, ‘The New Vintage.’ - Kawise

    Why a clothing line?

    Well in 1998, the only stylish clothing available had the European style cuts that we hated. We wanted to create something that went perfectly with our sneakers and something with more colors. - Kelvin

    We still keep that goal in mind today. - Kawise

    What’s one other thing you want people to know about 16Sixteen?

    Yeah, we’re all about fashion and style, but we also love giving back to the community. - Kelvin

    Yeah, a percent of our proceeds go to Kraiz Kids, an organization in the DMV that helps high-risk youth understand the process of producing high-quality music. - Kawise

    Learn more about Kariz Kids Youth Programs: www.karizkids.com